We are a rough board cooperative. We feed hay and grain in the morning and boarders rotate feeding lunch and dinner shifts. You are responsible for cleaning your stalls and cleaning the paddock on the days you come out to the barn for your shift.  You supply all of your hay, grain and shavings with the option to purchase them together in bulk to reduce costs.

What we offer your horse:

  • Full turnout 24 hours a day, every day,wtih no stall confinement (unless requested)
  • Access to a 12 ft x 12 ft matted box stall whenever your horse seeks shelter
  • Constant companionship with a small, well-socialized herd
  • Morning feedings and visual health checks
  • Organized schedule for afternoon and evening feedings
  • Fresh water available at all times with heated water troughs in the winter
  • A chemical and pesticide free environment

What we offer you:

  • A friendly, peaceful environment to spend qualtiy time with your horse
  • No restrictive barn hours so you can visit your horse any time of the day or night
  • No hidden fees or special training/lessons required to board your horse at the farm
  • The ability to select the vet/farrier of your choice
  • Access to 70'x170' outdoor lighted riding arena
  • A short 5 minute trailer ride to Willowdale State Forest that connects to the extensive trail system on the North Shore
  • Beach rides on Crane's beach during the winter less than 10 minutes away
  • Safe fencing for turnout areas